The front door is the mirror of your house.

We don't just make generic doors. We give shape to your ideas

MAPP – Pivot Entrance Door Manufacturers 100% Customized

Mapp is a company dedicated to the development and manufacture of main entrance doors with new market trends, innovative design, thermal efficiency and high security. Our product range includes pivoting doors suitable for large spans, with very light and smooth opening.

Mapp doors are characterized by a high-quality product with unquestionable quality and durability, combined with a very unique design, manufactured with aluminum profiles with thermal cut, filling of polyurethane panels and coatings in multiple materials, in some models may be applied 1 or more glasses for natural light input. When acquiring a mapp door you feel that the door of your house is unique and different from all the others.


Customize your door, we shape it! Send us your project.


Locks channel 16, automatic magnetic with 5 locking points.

Thermically Efficient

MAPP doors are certified and thermally efficient, such as: PP100 pivot door (UD) 0,59 W/m2K, PB8 hinged door (UD) 0,59 W/m2K

Efficient Designs

Accompanying the new design trends. We develop and produce in all kind of texture or coating material for your project.